Re-post from March 14, 2014

Being here in Haiti always puts life into perspective for me... 'Things' leave me less stressed. I miss the relationships in life. The people that help you get through this crazy thing we call life. Sharing it with my kids is amazing. Different... Even more eye opening than I thought. I love being here and having my babies here is wonderful. When I think of coming home, I get excited for some reunions and some big exciting changes. Being away, even for a week helps me to remember what is truly important and who so grateful for this opportunity and...

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Re-post from Dec 2, 2013

It's my last day in Haiti, for this trip anyway. I woke up excited to see my kids, I can't wait!! I'm just laying here thinking about life at home and how fortunate we are. We have great lives. No ones life is perfect but we have great lives. We aren't hungry, we aren't thirsty, we don't sleep in wet homes (most of the time). We have too much. We depend on too many things. Before you complain about your life and think you got the rotten end of the stick think... How does it feel to be able to...

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