Re-post from Dec 2, 2013

It's my last day in Haiti, for this trip anyway. I woke up excited to see my kids, I can't wait!! I'm just laying here thinking about life at home and how fortunate we are. We have great lives. No ones life is perfect but we have great lives. We aren't hungry, we aren't thirsty, we don't sleep in wet homes (most of the time). We have too much. We depend on too many things. Before you complain about your life and think you got the rotten end of the stick think... How does it feel to be able to go to a movie theatre? How does it feel to jump into a swimming pool on a hot day? How does it feel to have a job, a pay check, health insurance. Even if you don't have those things you could, they are there for us. Opportunity. Remember what it feels like to go to a concert, to go ice skating, to go tobogganing, to fix a quick meal if you are hungry. All luxuries. Life could be so hard but you are blessed... Yes... You are. The aches and pains you feel but get to go to a chiro, massage, dentist etc others feel them but don't have these luxuries. We sleep in beds, some sleep on concrete floors yet they wake up and smile and are thankful for another day of life. Beautiful! I know I have learned something from this trip. Count your blessings before they are gone. I will see you soon Canada. As they say in Haiti 'if God wants'



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