Restoring Dignity Through Artistry

Our story started with a mission trip to Port au Prince Haiti in 2012, I simply fell in love with the country! After working in various orphanages my heart was broken for these children. In developing countries many children are placed in orphan care because their living parents can not provide for their needs. These parents do not want to give up their loved ones but they often feel it is the only option. When I returned home I wanted to do something to help address the orphan crisis at the root...

We work with different artisian groups that are creating jobs for mothers and fathers who don't want to abandon their children to an orphanage. These jobs provide opportunity for women and men who have never had an opportunity for income. They provide hope through the dignity of a job, training, and the ability to feed, educate and shelter their families. 

These artisans use metal, cardboard, aluminum, dirt and paper to make beautiful things. Using that which has been deemed worthless and breathing beauty into it again. 

Through Under One Sun we are able to bring their talents to Canada and share them with you. To share their stories, the joy of having a job and the beauty of restoring dignity through artistry. 

Thank you for your interest in Under One Sun, feel free to contact us should you have any questions.