School Ornament Fundraiser

This Christmas season, the students of your school have the opportunity to build possibilities for their learning community, while helping to create jobs and sustain families in Haiti.

This fundraiser makes a difference in our community and for families living in Haiti and broadens student awareness of global issues of poverty.

Since the 1950's Haitians have been flattening 55 gallon drums and using these steel canvases to cut, pierce and bend intricate images and sculptures. We support your school's fundraising efforts by offering ornaments handmade by artisans in Haiti.

Choose your campaign dates between November 1-17th, 2017. We deliver samples of the ornaments, all promotional materials and order forms right to your school.

Ornaments sell for $6.50 each including HST. Your school will benefit $2.25 per ornaments while the artisans in Haiti earn the same. Our artisans also receive medical benefits, at work daycare, English, literacy and computer classes.

New this year we will have coloured ornaments and 3 larger metal piece to choose from. These will offer higher earning potential to your group and the artisan making the piece.

Help us celebrate the true spirit of the Christmas season and help change the cycle of poverty in Haiti while raising much-needed funds for your school. Join us in restoring dignity through artistry.

Check out all of our 2017 ornaments and metal decor here!